Twig index art
graphic design that makes you look smart.


Using graphic design and carefully chosen words, I develop visual solutions that help promote my clients' businesses and interests. I am equally likely to use the computer as I am to work with a vintage etching — or to pick up a pen, paintbrush, or camera to create unique components for branding, websites, and print.


After a career in marketing with firms including COMSAT, GTE and MCI, I launched Twig Murray Creative. I started my solo career by designing for AOL, MCI, INTELSAT, and others in the high tech industry I knew so well. Today, my focus is on smaller businesses in Alexandria, Virginia. If you shop at Kiskadee or Hysteria, buy Meg Carter's jewelry, or eat at Tempo you've experienced first-hand a small sample of my work.


Less is more. I believe flourishes and details are best shown when tempered by white space, subtle color palettes, or other forms of visual relief. I like something wispy with something strong, something curved with something geometric, something old with something new. My goal is to create work for my clients that meets their needs, reflects well on them, and makes them look smart for having chosen Twig Murray Creative.